2014 Season – What to expect?

Team Maximum Service Racing

Hi Everyone!

Cormac here!

I have stressed many times before, over text, in person, over email, etc.. that I do 1/5th Scale Racing because I love it! I am passionate about it, I enjoy it and it puts a HUGE smile on my face. That will never change.
But also, as a racer, I am also competitive in myself, and expect the best from myself whether its racing, practicing or otherwise.
So this is just me talking about what I personally think and expect this year.

Before I get talking about this year, lets take a small look back at 2013.

2013 was, personally for me, the best year in racing I have had for some time (prob since 2007), in many ways.
Results, luck, general ability, confidence, everything!

2012 had been a tough year and to be honest I was riding very low on confidence after struggling in Spain…

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