The new R5R RACER is a completely renewed and redesigned tuned engine for the 3.5 cc off road line, based on the previous version R5 Classic. The R5R is provided with a new cooling system, which has a good impact on fuel consumption and reliability.Furthermore, the new RACER timing guarantees a smoother power delivery, in order to make the engine extremely drivable and suitable for every type of track, and reduced fuel consumption.

The engine is matched with REDS 2069 or 2104 pipes, M, S or XS manifolds and REDS Racing clutch systems.

High Quality
All R5R are subjected to strict quality controls so as to guarantee performance repeatability and greater reliability. REDS Racing products are made in Italy and tuned one by one by M. Rossi.

New cooling system
The new cooling system guarantees a higher efficiency in extreme working conditions, at high temperatures, thanks to wider cooling head and combustion chamber. Furthermore the cooling system has a lower gravity center in order to improve vehicle dynamics.


The new REDS R5T is extremely light! With 360 grams of weight is one of the lightest engines in its class. The engine has been completely redesigned to save even further weight, maintaining high performance and reliability.

High performance ball bearings
The engine comes with all Swiss Made ball bearings. The high quality Cr steel rear bearing ensures longer life and extreme performances.


Flat Piston
All REDS buggy engines use flat pistons matched to a specific combustion chamber for high performance and low consumption. Made from a high strength aluminium bar, our piston is a true masterpiece of engineering.


Ultra-light rod
Lightweight, durable and reliable, this is the standard quality of our connecting rod. The slim shape is designed to minimize aerodynamic friction. The double bush technology ensures high reliability.



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