Spin up Three Rock with TeamAwesome

Ok so yesterday all the lads got together as two of our team members are home from canada british columbia. We start at a point in dublin called taylors three rock its a  pub but has parking and is a free..

Turns out 9 of us were there so it was going to be an epic spin.we set off all at our own pace on college road its a short 1km ride to get to our first climb. Once done we start a long gruelling cat 3 climb offroad up kilmashogue its 3.4-3.6km oh up hill indurance riding whats needed is big lungs and strong legs which i have neither hahaha. Once up the top we all regrouped and set off onto another climb its the bottom of a trail called ninja express way this will then lead us onto our final ascent to the top of fairycastle…
At the top of fairycastle we again regrouped got some oxygen to the lungs and powered on like soldiers onto a trail called boggy descent.. Its self explanitory from the name but once the bog gets wet its a mucky wet trail of carnage… Even still its an awesome track.after that we rode a small bit of metro 1 and cut into another trail here i had a few over the bars moments but finally a deep rut chucked me over the bars… The ground was soft so it wasnt all that bad…


Here is a pic of our team awesome member that has come home from canada and came out for a spin with us togged out in his steadcycles gear and using a full suss rocky mountain bike.


Here is a pic of an amazing view of dublin with the light fading over the city. It was one of the best spins i have been on in a while.


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