My Trip To The Cliffs Of Moher

Ok so i decided i wanted to go do a bit of sight seeing on the west coast of ireland this weekend and myself and the wife decided we would hit co.clare its been years since i have been and the scenery is spectacular. As you will see in some of the pictures the cliffs of moher are breath taking.

It took us about 40mins to drive to the cliffs from ennis where i was staying once there we went and checked out the cliffs and the visitors centre which is €12 for an adult. Not a bad price for the indepth knowledge you will gain learning about the cliffs and the tower…
This is a panoramic view of the main side of the cliffs..
This is a view from ontop of the tower at the end of the cliffs if you zoom in in on the horizon you can see the aran islands which still have people living on the islands. Its fairly rare that the tower was open as it is not open season but it was open when we got there.


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