Toy Fair 2012 – Serpent new 747 1/10th scale 200mm

Starting the first day of the toy fair at the Serpent stand, we were shown around the huge number of new products in their booth. First up is the new 747 1/10th scale 200mm chase which features new geometry front and rear as well as a front flex system that through the use of two tie rods connecting the front blocks to the radio plate can help adjust the chassis flex. A new radio plate retains the configuration of the 733 but with the radio box removed. A nice feature of the car is the new symmetrical chassis plate that sports an area for mounting weight to the centre line of the chassis which can be moved forward or rearward to influence the cars balance. Other new features include new RCM shock absorbers that now feature membranes again instead of the foam inserts.


An all new chassis the 747 sports new uprights and shock rod extensions on the lower rear wishbones for additional mounting options. A new centax clutch true motion sports a tapered flywheel as seen in some of its competitors cars and a the gear diffs have been updated with smoother running gears and smaller shafts for lighter weight. We are told that the car will come in at close to the proposed new weight limit by EFRA.








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