Round 2 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 – Phoenix

other beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine. At 12:30pm, the first practice of the day has started.

Track walk in morning

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In the premiere Supercross class, the top qualifying lap times – defending Monster Energy Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto on top with 51.21 seconds. Then Chad Reed 51.55, Ryan Dungey 51.72, Kevin Windham 51.74, Jake Weimer 51.79, Justin Brayton 52.35, then Josh Hansen, Trey Canard, Mike Alessi, Davi Millsaps, Austin Stroupe, Kyle Patridge, Andrew Short, and Mike Alessi are tops out of 56 qualifiers.

In the 250 West qualifying, top lap times – Dean Wilson 51.63, Eli Tomac 51.99, Zach Osborne 52.06, Jason Anderson 52.19, and then it’s Martin Davalos, Marvin Musquin, Tyla Rattray, Cole Seely, Nico Izzi, and Max Anstie top the group of 66 riders.

Trey Canard – back racing!

James Stewart in practice

Ryan Villopoto in practice

7:32pm. Eli Tomac number 17 with the holeshot on the GEICO Honda. It’s the first race of the night, the 250 West Regional Supercross Heat 1.

Tomac is easily leading this six lap heat race. He’s chased by number 34 and 250 West Series points leader Cole Seely. Jason Anderson is third.

The finishing positions in this race – Eli Tomac first, Cole Seely next, Jason Anderson, Max Anstie fourth, and two-time World Motocross Champion Marvin Musquin fifth.

250 West Heat 2 – holeshot to Martin Davalos. He’s chased by Dean Wilson and Tyla Rattray. On the second lap, Martin Davalos goes down. It’s now Dean Wilson and Tyla Rattray first and second, followed by 338 Zach Osborne!

At the finish – Dean Wilson the winner! Tyla Rattray second! Zach Osborne third! Fourth and fifth positions go to Nico Izzi and Scott Champion.

Supercross Heat 1 – 7:55pm. The first lap leader – / Honda racing team’s Andrew Short! At the end of the first lap, it’s “Shorty” leading, and he’s being chased by Mike Alessi and Chad Reed. Josh Hansen is next, and then James Stewart.

As they start lap five of this eight lap race – it’s Andrew Short number 29 leading, followed very closely by Reed. As they go into a 90 degree right hander, Reedy makes the pass on Short. And then Stewart … goes right past both of them!

Lap six – Stewart leading. Reed second. Short third. And then Reed falls over in a tight right hander! As they complete the lap – it’s Stewart first, Short second, M Alessi third.

James Stewart certainlly has caught fire. He’s leading by a nice margin, with Andrew Short having a nice ride in second. Mike Alessi third, and Josh Hansen up to fourth. Ivan Tedesco is fifth, and Chad Reed has recovered from his fall to get up to seventh.

At the finish – it’s James Stewart winning! Andrew Short second! Mike Alessi third, followed by Josh Hansen, Ivan Tedesco, Kevin Windham, and then Chad Reed.

Supercross Heat 2 – exiting the first corner, it’s the red plated number 1 bike – the Monster Energy Kawasak ridden by Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto. And he’s followed by team mate Jake Weimer. On the last corner of the first lap – Villopoto goes down! Running order as they start lap three – Jake Weimer, Justin Brayton, Davi Millsaps, Brett Mecalfe, and Ryan Dungey. Villopoto is seventh.

As they start the last lap of this eight lap heat – Jake Weimer and his Kawasaki are leading. Justin Brayton is chasing. Davi Millsaps third. Ryan Dungey fourth. Brett Metcalfe fifth. Ryan Villopoto sixth, and Trey Canard seventh. There are 20 riders total in this heat.

The winner of this race – Jake Weimer! Justin Brayton second! Then Davi Millsaps, Ryan Dungey, … Ryan Villopoto up to fifth. Then Metcalfe and Canard.

250 West 15 lap main event – 9:11pm: 250 MX Lites National Motocross Champion Dean Wilson (#15) with the lead! He’s chased by Marvin Musquin (#38). Third place is Tyla Rattray. Second and third are former MX2 World Motocross Champions – Marvin from France, Tyla from South Africa. And leader Wilson is originally from Scotland!

Five laps in – Wilson lead Musquin and Rattray. Zach Osborne has moved into fourth. Cole Seely is fifth. Then Tomac, Anderson, Davalos, Laninovich, Izzi, Anstie, Swanepoel, Leib.

Wilson has a comfortable lead – Musquin has a comfortable lead of Rattray as well now. Fourth is Osborne … but he’s been chased hard by Cole Seely and Eli Tomac. Close battle between those three!

Have you checked out the new Trend Report? We try to tell you who is going to place where – before the race goes off!

As they enter lap ten of this race, Wilson out front, Musquin about six seconds back, Rattray in third. Cole Seely has moved to fourth, and then Eli Tomac. Osborne sixth. Then Anderson, Davalos, Izzi, Laninovich, Anstie, Lieb, and Baker.

Lap 11 – Wilson comfortable out front. Musquin second, although Rattray is closing just a bit. Good battle next with Seely barely leading Tomac – they come together in a 90 degree right hander. Tomac moves past! The top six now – Wilson, Musquin, Rattray, Tomac, Seely, and Osborne.

Last lap – Wilson appeard headed for the win – his first of this season. Marvin Musquin appears headed for second – his best ever finish in AMA Supercross.

The finish – Dean Wilson wins! Marvin Musquin finishes second! Tyla Rattray third! (Full results below.) Tyla Rattray is the new points leader as the series head into round 3 next Saturday.

Phoenix Supercross Photo Gallery:

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