Want to be a Whistler Bike Park guide?

Your chance to live the dream in Canadia Land and become an MTB coach with Peak Leaders.

Just over three grand for a three week course sounds a bit salty to me but if it leads to that dream job…getting paid to ride bikes all season in Whistler then it’s got to be worth it hasn’t it?

You can find visa details at www.bunac.org.uk/uk/workcanada/ plus if you sign up to the www.peakleaders.com/ webber they’ll let you know about the 2012 visa release dates etc.

Here’s the official wordy bit:

“In line with the increased interest in ‘high adrenaline’ and ‘extreme active’ trips, Peak Leaders have launched the all new MTB Coaches Hiring Camp, in THE most famous resort in the world, Whistler.

peakky Want to be a Whistler Bike Park guide?

Bored of just a week long guided holiday and want to turn your passion into a profession? The focus of the 3 week camp in Whistler Bike Park is to develop your riding skills, turning you into a strong and confident guide. We include the IDP Level 2 exam, a world class program for descent-orientated riding. And the best bit? There are job opportunities at the end of the camp!

1090104 Want to be a Whistler Bike Park guide?

You will be trained in every area of riding by the best coaches at Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park School and gain access to exclusive areas of terrain. The course starts preseason, so you could be qualified and working by the start of the busy summer season.

We are delighted to have partnered with Bear Back Biking, staying in their awesome Lodge, with the perfect set up for bikers, with secure storage and fully decked out bike workshop.

Price is £3250 for 3 weeks, catered accommodation, IDP Level 2 exam and coaching, video analysis, first aid course & suspension clinic. For further information check www.peakleaders.com


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