GoPro HD Hero Wrist Mount for Kite Boarding


The GoPro HD Hero Wrist Mount is ideal for people who enjoy shooting their friends from time to time rather than just focusing on themselves. This mount allows you to quickly Velcro your HD GoPro around your wrist so you have both hands free while shooting your buddies, making shooting mutually safer and more convenient. When you’re done shooting you don’t have to worry about where you put your GoPro because it’s strapped to you out of the way at all times.

helmet cam

helmet cam

This waterproof mount works great for any sport where you can get close to your friends, whether you’re tracking along beside or chasing them while they show off. Snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, rock climbing, snowmobiling, and skydiving all come to mind.

Not only does it mount on your wrist, it can also Velcro around anything similar in diameter. When I received my wrist mount I quickly realized that the slick design would fit perfectly around the center strut of my small kite, which is the ideal place to get some aerial footage of waves.

Unlike a lot of the other angles offered from various mounts, the angle from the kite is smooth and shows off the size of the waves; exactly as you would see from a helicopter.  Just as I was getting eager to test out the mount, the weather channel announced we were expecting some of the strongest winds and biggest waves of the year so I headed to the beach, pumped up my kite, mounted the camera and headed out.

With a little bit of rotation help in your editing program the video is ready to go. You can also get some killer photos from up high.

helmet cam


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