Tushingham Lightning Twin Cam: Blasting / Slalom 2012

Twin Cam: Blasting / Slalom


The twin cam Lightning combines the best attributes of a race sail with the user-friendly appeal normally found in a good rotational. It’s easy to rig and particularly forgiving in choppy or gusty conditions. The huge tuning range allows you to exploit the Lightning’s “grunt” in low winds but remain in total control when overpowered, with minimal input from the rider.

Tushingham have long believed in the twin cam format, offering the best blend of performance and comfort for large freeride blasting sails at one extreme and smaller beach slalom sails at the other. The Lightning has been developed to a level where only the hardest of hardcore riders would feel the need for a sail with multiple camber inducers.

A recent addition to the range is the 5.8m size, perfect for rough water slalom and high wind freeride applications. From 9.4 right down to the 5.8m, the Lightning will power freeride and freerace boards to very high speeds with a minimum of fuss.

“A great all round twin cam sail suitable for all levels of rider, from recreational freeriders to focused freeracers and speed freaks.”

– Windsurf Magazine on the 2011 Lightning 7.8m

Click drawing to see larger image of colour options





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