Rebuilding my serpent 720 radio controlled car

Ok so decided to dig out my r/c car a few years ago i raced these at club level and at national level and the highest i finished was 9th nationally and 4th in club level.. It was very tough due to work and cost to run them for a season to be competetive. Putting this aside i said id give it a bash this season which should start in april or so. The club and track i was at is the only onroad track in dublin. .above is a picture of the car stripped down its a serpent 720 1/10th scale

This is a picture of the front and rear differential the one open gives you an idea of the internals of a diff it uses 30,000 wt oil. I found a leak on this so i had to fix it. The seal is a rubber o ring and was pinced so fluid was leaking out. Takes about 20mins to clean and refill then seal up.


Next this picture is a picture of the shocks on the car they need to be maintained alot. I use 40,000 wt in the rear and 30,000 wt in the front they are fairly simple to break down and fix. I have a tool that when the shick is open and old oil removed and new oil installed you put the four shocks in a vacuum chamber remove all air and in doing this the air is drawn out of the oil due to the negative pressure to give you the best performance when re-assembled.


This is the rear diff and belt re-installed in the car.


Side angle of car

Rear view of car with all arms and upper posts installed plus the diff roof is now on to hold inplace.


Another view of rear with parts installed


Rear shocks installed

Picture of front assembly you can also see fuel tank and exhaust. The exhaust is a novarossi 2630 efra legal tune pipe. The fuel tank is 75cl


Next the car is put on a setup board to adust and set droop,camber,toe,ride height, and a few other things


The setup system i use is a hudy professional setup jig you can find it here under setup

Finally shell is cut measured and installed on car and is checked for legal heights.



I paint a few shells to have spares and incase i damage one on the track there usually is between 10-15 meetings including club and nationals.hope you enjoy reading a bit about one of my hobbies and i will keep you posted on any other results on the track or problems i encounter

Xbox 720 Will Be 6-Times More Powerful Than 360

this is so exciting check out the pics cant wait to get my hands on one.


According to IGN, the next-generation “Xbox will ship to retailers in late October or early November of next year with six times the processing power of the Xbox 360.” Its GPU “will be akin to the Radeon HD 6670, which offers support for DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output.” Click here to see more Xbox 720 concepts. In related news,

Current Xbox 360s uses ATI (now owned by AMD) graphic chips and the PlayStation 3 uses a custom Nvidia chip. In comparison, Nintendo’s Wii U graphics is said to be very similar the Xbox 360’s.

Atherton Racing continues with Shimano

Gee, Dan and Rach cement their allegiance with Shimano by signing a three year deal.

Atherton Racing and SHIMANO are thrilled to announce that they will continue their partnership for another three years.

Since 2008 the Atherton’s and SHIMANO developed in intense collaboration within the realm of Downhill and Gravity components. Atherton Racing have been instrumental in helping to develop both SHIMANO Saint and PRO components and we look forward to continuing this relationship. The knowledge and feedback that the Atherton’s have given us has been incorporated into the SHIMANO Saint group, as well as their own PRO Star Series. Despite the teams transition from Commencal to GT in 2012, the Atherton’s have remained faithful to SHIMANO.

ShimanoAtherton1 Atherton Racing continues with Shimano

Dan Brown: “We are excited to extend our collaboration with SHIMANO. They have been an excellent partner over the last years. Their outstanding quality material had a great influence on our performances. We trust their material blindly so we can focus on what is most important for us, push the limits!”

Manabu Tatekawa, marketing manager SHIMANO Inc.: “Together with Atherton Racing we are able to make incredibly strong, innovative, supreme and ravishing designed products for the Down Hill and Gravity scene. They test the SHIMANO Saint and PRO products immediately in competition and provide us with very detailed feedback. Because the Atherton’s rule in extreme sports (with over 50 professional victories and multiple World titles) they make extreme demands on our material. Together we make sure that it is the maximum you can get out of it.”

What exactly is the Irish Lego League?

Dumb it down

What exactly is the Irish Lego League?

A group of Lego-mad Irish kids secured the title of national champions at the FIRST Lego League contest in Galway this weekend. The ‘Termin8tors’ from Moycullen will be representing Ireland in the European finals in Germany this summer. Brilliant. We love when Ireland wins stuff, but we’re a little confused about just what exactly the FIRST Lego League is…

What is the FIRST Lego League? Do you just build Lego? Sounds like fun.

The FIRST Lego League is a partnership between robotics company For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) and the maker of everyone’s favourite childhood toy, Lego. The title is a bit misleading in that the competition doesn’t actually involve building loads of Lego. Disappointed. But the competition does involve robots made by Lego.

Robots + Lego = awesome. Tell me more!

Basically the Lego League is an international competition aimed at primary and secondary school children between the ages of 9-16. Every September a new challenge is announced that focuses on a real-world topic linked to the sciences in some way. Students taking part in the competition have to design and programme a Lego robot to complete a task associated with the main topic of the competition.

What was the topic this year?

This year’s theme was “food safety.”

Snore. Sounds boring.

Maybe so but some Irish students had unique ways of making it interesting. Some studied solutions on how to deal with E.coli contamination and the overall winners of the competition designed an educational iPhone app called “Food Safety Buddy” which helps people to store and prepare food safely. Not bad for a group in the 9-14 years old age bracket, hmm? Did we mention there were robots too?

Not bad at all. Can older people take part?

Yep. Even college students can join in. Bigger kids can make their own robots and enter them into battles with other robots. Some colleges even put on science, engineering and technological displays to get into the spirit of things and FIRST and Lego have announced that a senior competition will be launched later this year.

That’s great and everything but what do you get if you win?

Aside from the glory of knowing that you can make a deadly Lego robot that can actually do stuff? Well, we don’t know yet. Teams can win a host of awards based on various aspects of robot design such as performance and mobility, but the grand prize has yet to be announced. Oh the suspense…

So you’re telling me that kids get academic credit for playing with Lego and building robots?

Yes. It’s fun and educational! What a combination. If anyone needs us we’ll be taking our old Lego out of the attic

How’s this new Dole deadline system going to affect people?


Dumb it down

How’s this new Dole deadline system going to affect me?

News has been leaking today that the Government are planning on putting a time limit on drawing the dole. But, what does this mean for the average man on benefits?

Are you telling me that shower in the Dáil have managed to run the country into the ground and now they want to cut my dole?

Pretty much, yeah.  Joan Burton, the Minister for Social Protection, a misnomer if there ever was one, is toying with the idea of giving people a limited time to find a job. The ‘Prediction of Exit’ type scheme would see unemployed people agreeing a date to aim to get off the Live Register.

What’s a ‘Prediction of Exit’ type scheme when it’s at home?

Well, it would be a system where every person who applies foremployment benefit has a meeting with their case worker. A delightful proposition by itself. At that meeting a date will be set depending on the person’s experience.

Will it matter what qualifications I have?

Here’s the bad news for the recently graduated unemployed. The higher qualifications and experience someone has, the less time they’ll have before their benefit is cut – apparently in what’s being called a ‘motivational’ move. Social Protection seems to be playing pretty fast and loose with the word motivational.

Those with the universally cherished Arts degrees should be safe for at least half a year. But, if you have a degree that’s actually in some way useful then you may only have three months.

How strict is it gonna be?

The rumours from the Minister’s department – which obviously leaks like a sieve – say that it’s going to be enforced STRICTLY! We’re not sure how that balances with the peppy ‘pep talk’ that people who fail to meet the deadline will be given by their case worker.

This type of thing isn’t used anywhere else, surely?

Actually it is, but they don’t seem half as strict. Switzerland cuts social welfare benefits after two years. Other countries have similar systems, but their benefits are reduced gradually over time. These systems frontload the money to counterbalance the negative effects of losing a job.

Is this new system even practical?

With approximately 450,000 people now on unemployment benefit, it seems unlikely that the Department of Social Protection would have the manpower to supply the case workers needed for it to be successful.

Joan Burton is due to reveal how the system will work next week. We’ll be on the edge of our seats until then.

Kimi Raikkonen back behind the wheel as Lotus-Renault start testing for new Formula One season

Former F1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen had made his return to the track after two years away during a test session with new team Lotus-Renault.

Kimi Raikkonen back behind the wheel as Lotus-Renault start testing for new Formula One season

Back in the habit: Kimi Raikkonen with his new team Lotus-Renault Photo: EPA

Raikkonen, 32, was a winner of 18 grands prix before he switched to the World Rally Championship in 2009. He is currently in Valencia for two days of testing with the R30 2010 model, but next month will put this year’s model through its paces with team-mate Romain Grosjean at Jerez de la Frontera.

Raikkonen won his 2007 crown with Ferrari and then switched to rallying in 2009, before a spell with Nascar.

Last November he confirmed he was returning to Formula One with Lotus-Renault after signing a two-year contract.

“I had no plans for the future, I have no plans now for the future,” he said.

“There were different choices for this year but I really wanted to do racing – I did some Nascar last year and I really enjoyed competing against people again.

“It was then that I decided to do some racing again and F1 is the highest level of racing and where people want to be.

“It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but the main bits of driving – braking, turning, the normal things – don’t take many laps. But learning about the car, the team and the tyres will take time.”