H.A.R.D. Magellan SeriesTransmitter Bag

Lively Bright

Have you ever image of losing or damaging your precious transmitter when you are going to kick off a fantastic racing game? H.A.R.D. Magellan Series Transmitter Bag always promises you to protect your expensive radio in the best possible way, due to a very well thought out design together with the best protection materials.

Designed to be the ultimate transmitter bag, the H.A.R.D Magellan Series Transmitter Bag sees youthful vibrant style, good quality materials and with a multi functional. The H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag is definitely your choice for all to help you lively bright.

The perfect match between fashion and function The principle of H.A.R.D Magellan Series is to take the fashion and function in hands, to provide consumers an ‘H.A.R.D’ protection bag without compromising style good quality and functionality. The series embraces a youthful theme that is colorful and contrasting in style and modern by design to deliver all users a pleasurable attitude.

Lively Design-colorful and contrasting design The innovative and astonishing bright fluorescent color design make an unexpected match between green and grey. The bright color may not only keep us in a pleasure mood, but also give us a good luck. In addition, several delicate designs, such as the H.A.R.D tag both on the front and back simply bring the stylish and lively attitude into the bag.

Shape your own style

You can carry the bag in your hand or on your shoulder, just set the adjustable high quality straps to the appropriate length for best possible comfort. The H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag comes with quality two-way zippers and a special ring opener design at the front of the bag, again to improve comfort and usability.

H.A.R.D’ Protection

Radios used in our hobby have become very sophisticated units over the last few years and they are also one of the most expensive pieces of equipment we buy for our RC cars. We always have the radio with us when going to drive cars, whether to the track or the local park or field, otherwise we cannot run our cars! For many the radio is just there in a bag together with the other equipment but without appropriate protection. In these conditions the radio easily get scratched and damaged, and being the sensitive electronic controlling unit that it is, it also risks getting damaged more seriously. Does this not seem wrong?

The new H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag will protect your expensive radio in the best possible way, due to a very well thought out design together with the best protection materials. It’s still a very compact bag though making sure it will be easy to carry with you. Even better yet, the H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag has the looks to go with the functionality.

Good quality material-Lightly, Durable, Protective

The H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag comes with a styrofoam surface to embrace several outstanding features. The materials chosen make the bag lightly, an important feature for all transportation equipment for RC stuff as the things we need to carry with us tends to get heavy anyway. In addition the nylon material makes the bag easy to clean. Dust, dirt and fluids do not stick easily to the material, so it stays clean, and if something sticks it’s very easy to remove. Another effect of this is increased protection.

Best protection material chosen at the bottom

To make sure the H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag is extra durable the bottom of the bag has received a unique hard-wearing design for the best protection and long life. The bag has been designed to be as versatile as possible

The best utility

On the inside there’s a full size storage room for your radio designed to accommodate almost all of the controllers on the market today. The inside is covered with the special Styrofoam material to protect your radio against damage from hits and vibration. In addition there is a separate smaller room at the front of the bag. This room is useful for storage of other radio accessories, like crystal box, batteries, servos and other radio accessories, making the H.A.R.D Transmitter Bag a truly complete RC transmitter bag.

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