H.A.R.D. Magellan Series 1/8 Truggy Bag

Youthful and stylish design.

It is both useful and stylish with a colorful design that even Jensen Button would love. The lime green design adds a nice youthful exuberance to this useful tote. It fits an eighth scare truggy (tires removed) and has a cleaver partition so your transmitter doesn’t get hammered by the model.

Multi-functional, user- friendly.

The partition is removable if you already have a case for your transmitter and will make room for extra tires.

The handle is made from a comfortable and durable foam so the straps don’t dig into your hand while carrying it. It can be fully adjusted to your liking and can be carried as a suit case, a hand bag or even over the shoulder.

Composite of many quality materials.

The bag itself is constructed with space age materials where durability and longevity are concerned. It’s light weight construction and heavy duty stitching makes this waterproof tote one of the finest available.

Lightweight, but durable & secure.

There is even a different set of boxes available to use as a storage tote for parts and accessories. Our H.A.R.D. Magellan Series 1/8 Truggy Bag works great for a duffel bag for those weekend trips or to work out at the gym.

All you need to do is remove the cardboard boxes and you’re ready to pack. The boxes have reinforcement sticker for the corners and also include labels so there will be no guessing which box the parts are in.

That is why we choose the H.A.R.D.

Our H8941 H.A.R.D. Magellan Series 1/8 Truggy Bag will make a nice multi functional tote for the racer and traveler alike.


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