H.A.R.D. Magellan Series 1/10 Hauler Car Bag (w/H8921-1 Storage box)

Dual compartment – 1/10th Scale – Touring

Model motor sport racers know that organising their equipment gives them a peace of mind and their race strategies can be realised when all their equipment is transported safely to the track and ready for the event. The H.A.R.D Magellan Series 1/10th Car Hauler Bag is the latest addition to the car hauler range of products that saves time and space, while keeping your items safe and secure.

Vibrant youthful design

H.A.R.D has developed this product for a wide range of consumers who wish to have the convenience of a flexible multi-function car hauler without compromising style, quality and functionality. The Magellan Series embraces a youthful theme that is colourful and contrasting in style and modern by design. The H8921 has adjustable straps to allow for three different carrying positions to suit the individual’s needs or preferences and is modular in form which helps when stacking your kit in limited spaces such as pit areas.

Compact easy storage

It is a durable multifunction bag that has countless applications at the track, around the home or at work. At home you can use it for storing anything with or without the internal compartments. If you wish to store the hauler bag itself, the compartments fold up and the bag collapses flat making it compact and convenient.

Durability & Security

It’s light, durable and weatherproofed to keep your items stored safely in harsh track environments or wet conditions. The base has been reinforced with special materials to add strength and to improve the bag’s ability to carry heavy items, this ensures that your precious items aren’t harmed by the base warping and distorting. A pocket for the ID card can be customised with your own “team” ID tag and a user friendly system of green adhesive tags can be used on internal compartments to enforce security should the transportation of your items be handled by a third party logistic provider.

The H.A.R.D. Compact-Line 1/ 10th touring bag is the ideal solution for all of your storage needs. Made from the highest quality materials and constructed to last, you’ll find its big enough to carry your car and R/C gear to each meeting without the inconvenience of being heavy.

Made from super strong Styrofoam, its attractive shape and styling makes it the perfect R/C accessory. Consider purchasing one today and find out how correctly stored R/C gear can make racing a whole lot easier.

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