Monster Energy Specialized ready to ride in South Africa

PIETERMARITZBURG, South Africa ( — The rain and hail that have besieged Pietermaritzburg the last week has been replaced with blue skies and hot African sunshine as South Africa gets ready to kick off the 2011 World Cup season. At the Monster Energy – Specialized compound, the bikes are built and the team is ready to take on the extremely pedally track through the Ecalyptus. Look for Sam Hill and Troy Brosnan in their rainbow stripes and for Brendan Fairclough getting sideways on the multiple jumps that litter the track here in SA.

After a day spent shooting photos, hunting down cans of Monster Energy and doing downhill runs on local tracks, the boys are all ready to get the season underway.

Defending World ChampionTroy Brosnan talked about his first trip to South Africa: “South Africa is a pretty wild place. There’s monkeys running around everywhere and tons of Ecalyptus forest. Seen lots of cars with 40 people in them. It’s a pretty different experience, one to remember. I’m really looking forward to the race this weekend. I’m looking forward to losing a lung or two.”

Team Mechanic Jacy Shumilak was too busy building fresh bikes by the pool to talk, but did have this to add: “We’re here, you’re not. I wish I had a Burrito.”


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