Night Lights: Tumble and Fall Pro 1200L

Boom! Just like that the clocks go back and suddenly the darkness and dampness is with us again. Mud tyres are being fitted and night riding is being discussed…

If you’ve read our recent bike light feature in issue of Dirt #117, you will have undoubtedly noticed we ballsed up on the info text for the Tumble and Fall lights, sorry about that.

Here’s a bit more about the lights then:


‘What lights would you recommend?’ is the question we are getting asked right now. ‘I want to get out on the trails at night without spending a fortune. But a want a quality light!’

Well the Tumble and Fall Pro 1200L would be my ‘Best buy’ right now. Distributed by ‘nrg4’ (check out the range of bikes and other kit they deal with) you get an impressive light and kit for your £150.
A very high quality waterproof system weighing an impressive 375g (light, lead and battery pack) is supplied with both handlebar mount and a helmet mount/extension lead. Headlight only with mount is 151g. Light!

Charging time is quick at 4–5 hours and the headlight has a ‘5 step’ fuel gauge showing just how much light you have left via a range of changing colours. Very easy to understand and something other brands could learn from.

So how does it ride out on the trail? With a Cree XM–L LED headlight pushing out an impressive 1200 Lumens, the tracks ahead are lit with a combination of spot and flood beam pattern. This gives visibility both straight ahead for technical ‘point and shoot’ attacking and enough light to see the edge of the trail and apex of corners. Again, amazing considering the price of this light.


What also impresses me is the whole ‘ease of use’ approach with the Tumble and Fall lights. Mounting the light bracket to the handlebars (via a choice of two sizes of ‘O’ ring supplied) and the battery to the frame takes no time at all. You are up and running and ready to ride in less than one minute! No faffing here. When riding the silicone ‘glove friendly’ toggle switch on the headlight unit is easy to use with mucky gloves and scrolls through high/medium/flashing modes. Very intuitive to use and you don’t find yourself confused as to which power level you are on. Again, something other brands seem to have forgotten about in the race to make a ‘better’ light.

So how long can I stay out for then? Well you can ride until you’re whacked out with this light. You can leave the light on ‘Full’ and the Li–ion battery will give out a lengthy 3.5 hours of run time. That’s ample for a good length night ride for most folk with enough left for the ride back home from the pub.
Still deciding whether or not to get a set of lights this winter? For little more than your average rechargeable ‘commuter’ lightest you could have the Tumble and Fall Pro 1200L…
What more could you want from an off–road light set?

Price: £149.99 (light, battery, charger, lead and mount)
Lumens: 1200
System weight: 375g
Burn time on max: 3.5 hours



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