The new 733 Team Edition kit


Serpent introduce the new 733 Team Edition kit featuring many updates as used by the team and factory drivers. The kit features the new SL6 gearbox with lower inertia and new gears, a new brake disc and 3-pin type adaptor. The rear-end aluminium-rubber connector set is now a standard item and also included with the Team Edition. Other additions are an updated 75cc fuel tank with the Cobra tank-cap and seal system, the Direct Link system, a rear camber bracket that allows to run the normal rear end or the DLS rear end, new rod-type side stiffener on the gearbox side, orange anodised wheel hex and spacers, the mono-type engine mount and an updated manual. The 733 TE makes its debut at this week’s 1/10 scale 200mm Euros in Germany and will also be the team’s choice at the US Nationals later this year.








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